MCM - Love Unisex Tee

Design on colored garments may vary from shirt image shown here.


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    • Posted by hynes.mary
    • Over 4 years ago
    I think I have figured out at least partly what the problem is with ordering online the mama Jay tee shirts. I was ordering the unisex love mom and Jade in three acts. My account shows v t shirt that just says mama Jade. I went back and try to figure out what happened. The love mama Jade t shirt will not register a correct size when you try to order no matter what size you try to put in it keeps coming back with a zero so there is definitely something wrong with the online ordering of that particular te. However as I wrote before I really need to have the love mama JT in three acts please change that before you mail it out. And of course you might want to check out why the sizes and the rest of the ordering process doesn't quite work for the love mom and Jade unisex t-shirt. Thanks so much I appreciate all your help and all you do.
    • Posted by hynes.mary
    • Over 4 years ago
    I ordered the unisex tee that says "LOVE MAMA JADE" the picture you show in my account is different! I dont want the one you pictured in my account. PLease send ME THE ONE I ORDERED...LOVE MAMA JADE in 3x. It is the first tee pictured on your desplay page. This is for someone else and it actually matters that it is the one I ordered. Thanks so much for fixing this. M. J.

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